You have a new client that is being referred to you from family court

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You have a new client that is being referred to you from family court. His school counselor originally contacted protective services because he became withdrawn and his grades had gone downhill. When questioned about it he blamed it on things being “hard” at home. However, determination of the court is that the young man has been using substances and that his description of things at home are related to appropriate consequences for his behavior and drop in grades.

The case worker identifies this individual as a seventeen year old Asian male. She describes him as outgoing and a “good kid” from a “good family.” She states that his parents and extended family have been supportive and are willing to help in any way they can.

You do not know much more about the case, but want to do some initial research on available options for support for this client. You want to include the family since they are open to this, and you also want to include peer support since he was outgoing but has become withdrawn.

Choose two of the peer support groups discussed in Chapter 14 of your text and describe them. What are the similarities and differences between these two groups? Compare and contrast them providing an equal balance of similarities and differences between the two.

Next research support groups in your local area. You may search in a phone book and/or online using search criteria such as “support groups for substance use AND (list city or area)” note that the word “AND” in all capital letters instructs the search engine that you want both aspects included in the listing. Report which support groups are available in your local area, noting which ones may be appropriate for your new client.

Finally, discuss how you will use family and peer support to help in this young man’s treatment plan. Which of the support groups identified earlier in your discussion (either local or from the text) would be the best match for this client and why?

300 – 350 words in length

cite material used

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