writing an outline 4

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Essay 2

Assignment: Many films at first seem to be very different, but after closer examination it becomes apparent that they share quite a few similarities. For this essay, identify a movie, book, song, etc. that shares hidden similarities with Maus and thus fits this description. Analyze the cause-and-effect relationships of both stories and develop criteria for comparison. Using the alternating pattern for this essay, introduce both works in your introductory paragraph, establish relevance and interest for your audience, and conclude it with your thesis statement which should provide a preview of the essay’s topics and organization. The body of your essay should analyze in separate paragraphs the different criteria as they pertain to each movie. Your conclusion should provide a summary of comparative analysis and show how you used these points to fulfill the promise made in your thesis statement.

Audience: You are writing for a college-educated audience familiar with both works.

MLA Style:

Page Format: This analysis should be between 3 and 5 pages long, double-spaced, typed in a legible font, font size 12, with margins of 1 inch.

Citing sources: Your essay needs to use at least two (2) relevant, credible sources, all of which must be cited within the text as well as on your Works Cited page according to MLA Style. In this case, your two sources will be the two works you choose.


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