Write short 3 paragraph discussion for Business Course

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Each chapter in your textbook begins with a quote. The quotes were written and published in 1890–from a book entitled: Manners, Culture and Dress.

You are probably thinking that anything published in 1890 is “old news” and quite obsolete in 2018. Quite the contrary. According to Bixler, the book, published in 1890 actually shows how moderately things have changed when considering human contact.

Bixler states: While the words are more formal, the inherent message is the same. A sense of continuity bridges today’s high-tech world with the business environment of over 100 years ago.

In the book, we can see that the foundations of human interaction haven’t changed all that much over the centuries, but the peripheral environment has.

Watch the following video on Workplace Etiquette (Part 1), and be prepared to respond to a discussion question.


By now, you should have listened to the video in M1 Lecture. If you haven’t done so, then please STOP, return to Module 2, and access the M2 Lecture link.

For this discussion activity, please respond to the following question:

Every workplace has its issues. Think of one of the faux pas shown in the video that you have seen (or personally experienced) during your internship.

(1) Without mentioning names (or by using fake names), explain the behavior.

(2) Discuss how such behavior could be corrected. For example, who should tell the person? Can the behavior change–even if it is longstanding? Is the behavior attributed to the culture of the workplace?

(3) Do you think that you can make a difference? If so, how?


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