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In your reflection explain why TWO of these views are not satisfactory from the philosophical perspective we adopt in ethics:

1 divine command theory

2 moral (ethical) relativism

3 psychological egoism.

It is recommended that you bring an example from your own experience or from elsewhere in which NONE of these approaches are satisfactory.

this example for my classmates

Ethics are the rules or principles that dictate a person’s behavior and actions as either being right or wrong. Each person has their own belief system about what they think is the right or wrong thing to do. The views of moral (ethical) relativism and psychological egoism are not satisfactory from the philosophical perspective adopted in ethics. Moral (ethical) relativism is the idea that different societies have different moral codes. Societies with a set moral code determine what actions are right in that society. This theory is not satisfactory because people’s moral judgments differ between cultures. For example, as discussed in class, the U.S does not approve of genital mutilation unlike some countries. Psychological egosim is the view that people always act out of self-interest. People perform actions solely to obtain satisfaction, happiness, or pleasure. The problem with this view is that pleasure is sometimes unclear. It is also hard to explain why some people are altruistic and others are not. The Divine Command Theory is also unsatisfactory in believing that morality is revealed by God and that religion determines the rules of what is considered right and wrong, such as the ten commandments. Not all people are religious or follow the same set of religious beliefs.


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