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I want someone to write introduction and conclusion 

and rephrase the three bodies as soon as impossible 

Blob fish

Unfortunately, blobfish are currently endangering. In fact, it is close to extinction. While it isn’t hunting, Blobfish are often caught in bottom-trawling nets. These losses go across the ocean floor, scooping up lobsters and other deep-sea fish. Sadly, the blobfish gets scooped up as well, and even though it is often tossed back into the ocean, by then, it is already too late.

In 2006, nature conservationists from all over the world gathered to propose the restriction of bottom trawling on the high seas.On the other hand were unable to reach an agreement, leaving the fate of the helpless blob fish substantially uncertain, especially since the deep-trawling fishing fleets of Australia and New Zealand are very active, and the blobfish isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

No one has ever seen a blob fish eat. However, scientists believe that it feeds on crabs, sea urchins, sea pens, and shellfish. How does a blob fish eat? Since it has no muscles, the blobfish cannot hunt, so it only opens its mouth and sucks in whatever drifts by. Yes, the blobfish is one lazy animal, but you would be too if you lived in the cold, dark and extreme water pressure.


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