Write an essay stating about Real Madrid Football Club community.

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Write an essay stating about Real Madrid Football Club community(community means: football players, coaches, staffs, fans and everyone).

The main question is stated below in underlined text. However, I want you to write about Real Madrid Football Club community.

Description of Assignment:

What are you obsessed with? Is there a community around it? We all belong to communities. When we look at communities from the outside, it is often hard to understand what ties them together, their shared values and motivations. Communities can come together around cultural background, religions, hobbies, values, politics, defined spaces, etc. For this essay, you will identify a community you belong to and define it for your reader (who will not be a member of this community).

To develop the topic, explore the following:

How did you find this community?

What are the community’s origins and development? Provide specific details and cite any references.

What ideologies (“values and viewpoints”) in terms of which one must speak and act, at least while being in the discourse, are highlighted?

What objects or concepts are emphasized in the discourse?

What is the distribution of social and hierarchical structure in the society that surrounds the discourse?

Connect to the community to yourself: Use at least one anecdote (a true story that explains an experience from within that community) to illustrate your involvement in this community. Is the anecdote you have given detailed enough to give an outsider/non-member of the discourse community context or significance of the community? How did you become involved within this secondary discourse community?

Connect to others (local): Explore the perception that others have on your chosen discourse community. What do people outside of the community think about these discourse communities? For example, comparisons of this community to other similar or dissimilar communities.

In order to assure that you’ve appropriately defined yourself through your associated discourse communities, you might ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the definition tell the reader about the community’s origin and how it functions today?

2. Is the definition clear and complete? If you’d never heard this discourse before, would you understand it? If not go back and add more specifics to your essay.

3. Is the anecdote you have given detailed enough to give an outsider/non-member of the discourse community context or significance of the community? Are similes, imagery and sensory details used to put the reader into the context of the situation?


Write from the first person point of view.

Create a strong introduction that gives us some background on the community and a thesis that explains the purpose in telling us about the community.

The body should be organized logically, use transitions between paragraphs and support the thesis.

The conclusion should reinforce the thesis and give some insight into why this community is so important to you.

You must use: 5 vocabulary words (bolded in the final draft), at least three similes or metaphors, a variety of sentence starts and appeal to at least three different senses.

Technical Details:

  • The paper must be about 3 pages in length or about 1,000 words.
  • Use 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, and MLA formatting.

Must Include the following things





Express your feelings about the community and its qualities in a thesis statement(You can focus on WHY you are a part of it):


Organize your ideas into separate paragraphs and add details for the body of the essay:


Continue until you’ve outlined the entire essay.


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