Write an article analysis

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Write an article analysis based on the attached article.

What Should You Turn in to Me?

a) What is the main theory of the article? What is the basis for their theory (How did they come up with their theory? Did they rely on other’s research/theory?) What were the specific questions addressed by the study?

b) Describe the study that the authors used to test their theory. What method(s) did they use? How did they measure or manipulate the variables? Do you think this was a good way to test their theory?

c) What were the important results of their study? Describe this in words rather than numbers.

d) What did the authors conclude about their data? Was their theory fully supported by the data? Do you agree or disagree with the authors’ conclusions? Why?

e) What were some major limitations of their study or studies? If you were to rerun this study, how would you solve these issues?

f) How can the results of this study or studies apply to real world behavior? Does it help explain why people do what they do? Try to use real world example(s) that relate to this study (e.g., something in the news, pop culture, etc.)?

Structure of the Assignment

1) Cover page (1 page)

2) Body of paper (5 pages Double spaced)

3) Reference page (1 page)

4) Total = 7 pages

I am more interested in:

1) Your takeaway from the study, based on what the authors did/did not do.

2) Your impressions of the relevance of the study to the real world.


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