write an 500 600 word op ed on affirmative action prompted by the current lawsuit faced by harvard

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Please use first person to write this essay as a Discussion.

I am an Asian Girl (Chinese)

Write an 500-600 word Op-Ed on affirmative action, prompted by the current lawsuit faced by Harvard.

Imagine this Op-Ed is meant for the San Jose Mercury News.(link)

Please check the websites below before writing: (Important)

Op-Ed Project wesbite (Links to an external site.)

“Op-Ed Writing: Tips and Tricks” (Links to an external site.)

structurePlease follow this structure: (link on the left)

  • Lede
  • Thesis
  • Argument
  • 1st Point
  • 2nd Point
  • 3rd Point
  • “To be sure” Paragraph
  • Conclusion (circling back to your lede)


Below are the cited sites that are related to my disscussion Topic

At least 4 of the references must be used from the sites I provided.

(MLA style)

Watch news report and read news articles to gain a basic understanding on the current lawsuit against Harvard’s admission policy:

“Harvard Admissions Cases Could Determine Future of Affirmative Action,” (Links to an external site.)

“Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian-Americans,”

“Asian-Americans Face Multiple Battles in Front over Affirmative Action” (Links to an external site.)

“Trump Officials Reverse Obama’s Policy of Affirmative Action in Schoo (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ls,”

“He Took on the Voting Rights Act and Won. Now He’s Taking on Harvard,” (Links to an external site.)

“Here’s What’s Going on With Affirmative Action and Schools Admissions,” (Links to an external site.)

Read published Op-Ed pieces, written from both sides of the debate:

“Ending Affirmative Action Will Hurt Us All,” (Links to an external site.)

“Racial Justice Demands Affirmative Action,” (Links to an external site.)

“On Affirmative Action, Asian Americans ‘Are Not Your Wedge,'”

“Students for Fair Admissions and Harvard Both Got it Wrong,”

“Let’s Agree: Racial Affirmative Action Has Failed,”

“Asian Americans Need to Wise Up and End our Blind Loyalty to the Democratic Party,”

“Harvard’s Discrimination Against Asian Americans Must End,”

Resources for Affirmative Action Debate

Statements in support of affirmative action:

“Asian American Group Files Anti-Affirmative Action Complaint” Links to an external site.

“Asians are Being Used to Make the Case Against Affirmative Action. Again.” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

National Public Radio with Prof. Oiyan Poon

“Model Minority Myth Again Used as a Racial Wedge Between Asians and Blacks.” (Links to an external site.)

Groups and Statements against affirmative action:


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