Write a short summary (1-2 pages)

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Write a short summary (1-2 pages) of strategy for our own image product, Da Healthy Lil’ Meal.

Important: This product, Da Healthy Lil’ Meal, is not exist. This is an idea comes from my mates which is based on the Campbell’s Soup company’s snacks products. Do not use any references and additional references except the two screenshots below. Write this short summary based on the two screenshots below. Use simple and easy words as much as possible.

The summary should include:

1. A positioning statement

2. An explanation of your choice of target market

3. A description of your product (brand idea(s), product attributes, and packaging design) and a general explanation for why you think this will be a good fit with your target market

4. A general idea of your price point (will this be a premium product, competitively priced, affordable, etc.?)


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