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QUESTION 1(20 marks)Your company has partnered with a multinational organisation that has been granted the license toconduct fracking (hydraulic fracturing /shale gas extraction) on a commercial level. The process willbe done in an area located in the Northern Cape Region of South Africa. The multinational has beenawarded a license to conduct fracking for the next ten years, after which the government will takeover the project.Some community members are resisting the operation since they might be displaced.Environmentalists are opposed to the entire operation, citing concerns of environmental degradation.The opposition political parties are also weighing in on the issue with their negative opinions1.1 You are required to identify ten stakeholders as part of the project initiation of the(10)”fracking” project management process(Ensure that you identify the six stakeholders mentioned above as well as any fourothers)1.2 Each of the stakeholders will have different expectations on the organisation. The(10)expectations will be utilised to communicate with the stakeholders as and whenrequired.Illustrate the expectations of ten stakeholdersQUESTION 2(30 marks)2.1 With the aid of suitable examples, carry out a risk management process for the above-mentioned project in question 1(Ensure that you use suitable examples of any situations that might threaten theproject. Simply listing the process will not be sufficient)

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