world geography 1

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Chapter 5 Migration Assignment

Web link for each question is located under the Assignment Weblinks on Canvas

Assignment must be typed and submitted using the link on Canvas.

Read A Syrian Refugee Story (link is also available on class website) that tells the story of a Syran refugee family. Then answer the following questions based on the article.

1. What were/are some of the obstacles and difficulties faced by the al Sharaa family and by other Syrian refugees? (Be specific.)

2. Where did the al Sharaa family hope to immigrate to, and why? (What pull factors made their preferred destination attractive to them?)

3. Do Syrian refugees today think of the United States as a “land of opportunity” like European immigrants did during the 1800s? Why or why not?

Use each link to answer the question

Economics Article

4. What is the economic impact of immigration in the United States? Give an explanation (from the article) defending your response.

Remittances Article

5. What are remittances? How much economic impact do remittances have? Pick a country from the article, list it, and give examples from article that pertain to that country.

Brain Drain Article

6. What is brain drain, and why does it happen? What are its consequences? Can anything be done to prevent it?

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