Working in groups for social work (1500 words)

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Hi attached is the question paper (TMA 01) and my course notes which will be helpful as a guide to what is relevant. The following is the requirement and tips given by lecturer on what to write:
Subject: Working in groups for social work
Deadline: 12 February, 11pm
7 pages of content. 1 page for references (APA style). Do not need to give cover page
For Part 1:
State the number of members, what kind of group it is. Write in a way that you’re a member of the group, not the leader. State whether it is a treatment or task group.
Be clear of the group purpose and group goals. It is important to note that for group goals it has to be measurable so that we know if we met the group goals.
Part 2:
(1) very important to give examples relevant to the subject
(2) identify activities that took place which are aligned to the group purpose and group goal that were stated in Part 1. Very important to give examples and explain in detail
(3) how the activities or the session conducted during group meet was helpful such that group members were able to rely on one another to work towards achieving the group goals and purpose. Examples have to be given.
(4) four dimensions of group dynamic are: communication and interaction pattern. Social integration and infuence. Group cohesion. Group culture. Which of these are important to work towards achieving the group purpose and goals. At least 2 dynamics must be explained.
As this question has the higher percentage, give more points and length to this part.

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