Work Experience with Personal Development Planning

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Required to reflect on the replacement experiences and outcomes of the project of work experience, ask to evaluate your personal and professional development, and include reflection on the impact the work placement experience may have on your career plans. In addition, analyse the functional areas of the organisation you have been working with, managerial activities and the details of any individual projects you have been set and have these have been achieved. This report will assist the achievement of the learning outcomes details in the module descriptor. Throughout your basement you should also maintain a reflective log. You will find it useful to look back over your total experience recorded through logs when writing your report.

Assume that you work in Infoline company, write down and follow the guideline below:

1- Company background (400 Words)

Brief description of the company: name of company, mission, vision and core values, nature of company, location, organisational chart (if applicable), discussion of the products and services, other details that are important.

2- Work experience(600 Words)

a) The section department center the students was assigned

b) the nature of job and role assign to the student

c) the day today activities assigned to the student (student can write here the diary of the activities assigned)

3. Reflection on work experience (1000 Words)

a. Prepare a SWOT analysis of the department where the student is assigned.

b. Reflect on the nature of job assigned

c. Reflect on the new skills acquired from the job

d. Reflect on the skills knowledge to learn from the class that are useful during the work experience

e. Reflect on the skills and knowledge that should be enhanced further

f. Discuss on the other things learnt from the work experience

4. Conclusion and recommendations (500 Words)

a. Give a good conclusion about your work experience

b. Make some recommendations for the following: your instructor/ lecturer, the company providing placement, college and other students

Appendices (Necessary)

a. Work placement evaluation: properly filled in by the training provider with signature of the authority.

b. Weekly timesheet with reflective log: specifying the total training hours with signature of immediate superior from the work placement provider. Induction of the progression of experiences through the duties or work assignment.

c. Certificate of training completion: can be secured from the work placement provider.

*** words count = 2500 words

*** In-Text citations and references using Harvard style.

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