Why nutrition?

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  • Compose a 400-500 word (3-5 paragraphs) answer addressing the guidance outline listed below.
  • First, discuss what you knew about nutrition prior to starting this course. ( I didn’t know much- just to eat lots of fruits and veggies, avoid fast foods and soda. I didn’t know how nutrition affects my body)
  • After going through these first 3 weeks with Chapters 1-3, Lecture PowerPoints and watching the “What is Nutrition” and “Why Nutrition” youtube videos (links located below); write a thorough explanation about Why Nutrition?! based on what you’ve learned. (Please Note: you are free to use other nutritional resources outside of the book and the youtube videos.) Below I am also attaching power point covering chapters 1-3 just to have an idea what we were studying.



Guidance Outline:

  1. What you initially knew about nutrition before the first week of class
  2. Definition and Description (including Structure, Function & Purpose of…)
    1. Nutrition
    2. Nutrients
  1. 6 Classes
  2. Macro vs Micronutrients
    1. Types
    2. Function
    3. Quantities
  3. Discuss the info you gathered from the “Why Nutrition” Video
  4. Follow up with a Reflection regarding what you knew about the importance of Nutrition before relative to what you know now, after these first 3 weeks.

Thank you.


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