Which sociological theory do you find to be the most accurate (Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionism)? Why? Explain.

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Which sociological theory do you find to be the most accurate (Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionism)? Why? Explain.( 2 paragraphs must)

Also respond to 3 other students. whether you agree or disagree with them and why? (2 sentences per respond )

student 1:Out of the 3 sociological theories, the one I find to be the most accurate as well as relatable is “Conflict Theory.

We learned that Conflict Theory sees society when there is a type of inequality or power disbalance and then how this may produce reactions of “struggle or competitiveness or conflict.” Conflict theory seems to be the accurate one since the hierarchy is formed, there always seems to be a huge gap, which creates conflict and tension. And as each hierarchy and division is created, we see movements happening. Look at our world today! I can not find a better theory that fits today’s news. In my understanding, the reason I see the other 2 sociological theories to be less accurate than Conflict Theory is because of the irregularities brought by the theory itself. Functionalism Theory seems to have a lot of potholes. Functionalism depends on every individual playing their part. But what if one person doesn’t do their part? What if there is dysfunction is this “system”? We see not much of a drastic impact, therefore weakening the theory itself. Whereas Symbolic Interactionism also seems to have some irregularities, like not taking the person’s intentions/thought process after analyzing a symbol. Everyone is different and how to interpret something can be different. What they do after they interpret could move away from what the theory says.

I understand that it definitely depends on one’s perspective too. I may be wearing and seeing only through the lens of Conflict Theory, while some may be analyzing today’s society with another theory. All I know is when I switch on my television, watch the news, and see today’s society and the norms created around it – I clearly see how “Conflict Theory” would be matched to many headlines today.

Student 2:After reading about the three theories the one I believe to be the most accurate would be the Functionalism theory. I believe each “function” plays its role and does make a stable environment. I believe the social institutes such as the government, education, the law, religion ect. all provided order and shared public values and each function shares several roles in society and this is what makes the world go round. All of the social facts that are mentioned play a huge part and many of our everyday lives and has worked for many years. With out some sort of structure society would be unorganized and caotic. These functions exist because they play a vital role in the functioning society and if these roles die new institution’s will evolve and or emerge.

Student 3:After comparing these three sociological theories, I find that symbolic interactionism is more accurate.

Symbolic interactionism focuses on our day-to-day social interactions vs other theories that look on other issues that can be debatable. We can definitely glean more from looking at what people do in there natural environment and learn why they do it and how that affects their social interactions than looking at conflict which can vary or be subjective — depending what is considered to be a conflict in different cultures.

Learning about how we think, what we become, and how we imagine ourselves creates a more insightful explanation when it is based on day-to-day activities that are relate-able and understandable. With symbolic interactionism there is less interpretation and more substantial and accurate information to explain social interaction in any given culture or society.


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