what is the theory of life on which the utilitarian theory is based?

2 what does Mill mean by happiness ?

3 what is the theory of life on which the utilitarian theory is based?

4 According to Mill, how can we determine whether one pleasure is more valuable than another?

5 How does Mill answer the question, ” Why am I bound to promote the general happiness?”

6 How does Mill answer the question, ” How can I know what is right?”


1 How does Mill answer the objection that Epicureanism (a variety of hedonism) is a “doctrine only worthy of swine” Do you think his answer is a good one? Why?

2 Mill claims it is “better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.” Do you agree or not Why? Summarize Mill’s proof for the principle of utility. Some philosophers have argued that Mill’s proof is faulty because it confuses the descriptive (what people actually desire) with the normative (what people ought to desire). Do you agree with this criticism or not? Why?

3  Refer back to the case of potential cheating recounted in Critical Question 3 in the section on Kant. If you were a utilitarian, how would you go about determining the right thing to deo this situation? Some peopke object to utilitarianism on the grounds that it allows us to do things that are immoral. Can you think of an example of some thing that would be immoral that utilitarian theory would say is good What is it?

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