What is the hypothesis (or research question)?

Annotated Bibliography

Use a research database, such as PsycINFO, to find an empirical article from a peer-reviewed journal. Carefully read the articles I submitted bellow , take notes, and answer the following questions. Please provide your answers in a Word doc or PDF to the assignment link in Cougar Courses by the date indicated on the syllabus. You must make sure that you are using your own words, even when summarizing someone else’s research. Each question should be answered in full sentences, and short paragraphs where necessary.

1. What is the hypothesis (or research question)?

2. What predictions do the researchers make?

3. Identify the IV.

4. Identify the DV.

5. What/who are their subjects/participants?

6. What do they do? (brief description of the methodology)

7. What statistical tests do they use? Which tests are statistically significant, and which are not?

8. What do they find or conclude?

9. Provide the reference information for the article in APA format.

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