What is the focus of 2 of the attached satires?

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It should be 3-4 pages long (double-spaced). Due by 2/26/19. Concentrate on creating a real argument, not just listing observations about the works.

Many of the works we have chosen, as the focus of satire, one of the two following topics:



Choose ONE of these two topics, and show how it functions in at least two works from our reading list (reading list attached). For this class, I would like you to end your introductory paragraph with a question, and then answer that question in your concluding paragraph.

Some ideas to consider, as you’re thinking of how to structure your argument:

Which works do you think satirize class/physical appearance most effectively or convincingly as part of a larger social argument? Least effectively or convincingly?

Which works do you think satirize class/physical appearance most effectively or convincingly in terms of a personal attack? Least effectively or convincingly? How so?

Given that readers/listeners could be sensitive about class/physical appearance, what techniques/strategies do authors come up with to be able to satirize class/physical appearance without alienating an audience? Which works do this most effectively/least effectively?

To answer the question, you will need to set out what you think are the goals of your chosen works and then show how one work engages with your chosen topic to meet those goals.

As an example: under the category of “class” you might compare and contrast Swift’s and Twain’s use of class in their larger satires of colonialism/imperialism: both men essentially argue that colonial/imperial subjects exist outside (and below) the normal class system, making them essentially disposable. Swift satirizes this tendency in a more ironic manner; Twain in an angrier and more explicit manner. Which do you think is more effective and why?


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