What is legal paternalism?

1. What is legal paternalism? Explain how this concept is exemplified in the issue of

requiring people to wear seatbelts in cars. Contrast the different ways in which a

libertarian and a utilitarian would approach this issue.

2. What is the basic principle of the utilitarian moral philosophy? Why is the issue of

keeping a promise made to someone who is dying a difficult one for utilitarians? Discuss

some of the other criticisms that have been made of utilitarianism.

3. There is currently a widespread movement in the US to pressure employers

(especially fast-food restaurants like McDonalds) to pay a

living wage

. Explain the

basic argument that is made in favor of this idea. Then explain at least one argument that

is made against it.

4. We have studied three basic moral philosophies in this course: utilitarianism,

Kantianism and virtue ethics. Which one do you consider the most useful for applying to

the problems of business ethics? Justify your answer, bringing in deficiencies of the

other two theories in comparison to the one you have chosen. Discuss one example of a

problem in business ethics to which the philosophy you have chosen can be applied.

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