What is fundamental for the DTO policy to be effectively

Discretionary Time Off PolicyUUnlimited vacation time would seem a dream to most,employees desire to have more discretion in performing theirbut for a handful it just got very real. Companieswork. This does not hold true for everybody as some may pre-like Virgin, and Netflix, are looking to motivate theirfer a well-defined work schedule, established time-off, and lessemployees by offering leaves with no restrictions on theresponsibility. The second point against unlimited vacationsnumber of days per year. Known as “discretionary time off”is regarding workaholic employees or those who need more(DTO), the policy is based on observations” that highlightmoney may decide to take less vacation and work more. Thisthe importance of providing employees with more controlmay become problematic in certain professions like healthcare,over their work scheduled. Supporters of DTO affirm thatwhere days off and getting the required amount of rest cru-employees do not need to becial to avoid making mistakes.micro-managed and providingthem with generous time offUnlimitedWhat would it happen if a sur-is a good way to empowerVACATION at workgeon decides to work longerand perform more surgeriesthe people who contribute to ainstead of taking the neces-company’s growth. The mostsary days off to rest? Anotherrecent of the large tech companies to adopt DTO is LinkedIn,potential problem relates to the real intentions behind adopt-announcing their intention to introduce the policy startinging such policies. Some columnists and bloggers feel that thisNovember 1, 2015.action is made with the intention to force employees to workThis choice, however, isn’t completely altruistic. Some ofmore as they may feel insecure about whether taking a day offthe biggest benefits that the employer receives from such a policyis appropriate and respectful of company and colleagues.include attracting and retaining more employees with a promiseof flexible vacation planning. It also saves these companies fromDiscussion Questionscertain hidden costs like unused leaves. Of course, DTO is notwithout rules. Employees cannot take an extended period of six-11-23 What is your opinion on DTO? What motivation theory domonths as leave, would need to guarantee that deadlines will beyou think it has been inspired by? Explain whether or not youwould adopt it in your organization.met without overloading their colleagues’ schedule, and would 11-24 What is fundamental for the DTO policy to be effectivelyalso need their manager’s approval.implemented in organizations? Do you think there might beIf the DTO policy is as good as it seems on paper, whysome equity problems in the management of personnel?isn’t it a standard? The reason is probably because the benefits 11-25 Do you think that DTO can be applied in every industry or is itare not as unequivocal as it seems. The reality shows that sev-only applicable for tech companies? Explain the reasons foryour answer.eral companies, like Chicago Tribune, were forced to stop DTO # 11-26 Should this unlimited vacation policy be adopted in all coun-because of employee complaints and misuse of the policy. Thetries or do you think it won’t work well in certain countries?

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