Week 4 CRJU 8350- Stacy White

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Give your interpretation. 5 sentences and a question

This week’s topic was a recent topic
of discussion in my class where it got a little heated between a couple
students of opposing sides to the debate. The immigration issue is a
significant issue in the political arena of modern day America. From the
highly contemptuous Presidential election of 2016, to the current
actions of this President to enforce already existent laws regarding
immigration. As part of that political hot-potato the debate seems to
continue focusing on illegal immigrants and crimes.

Though there are many different studies that indicate no extensive
rise in crime nationally, some of those studies are misleading in the
sense that the data collected is potentially bias due to the
demographics and geographical area where the data is collected (Light
& Miller, 2018). The argument made that although national averages
show no significant increase in immigrant related crimes, there are
variables existing which might create some doubt. Variables such as the
types of crimes, the area immigrant population and the fact that so many
crimes involve immigrant on immigrant crime that goes unreported due to
fears of deportation of the victim (Martinez & Venezuala, 2016).

Though anti-immigration groups argue that there has been a steep
increase in crimes related to immigrants, the overall data shows that
since 2010 there has been a slight decrease of in the immigrant
population as well as the crime rates associated with immigrants
(Fasani, 2018). To that point someone could argue that the reduction of
immigrants to United States may also contribute to the reduction in the
crime rate.

Example of

Provided by USDhs (2017).


Fasani, F. (2018). Immigrant crime and legal status: Evidence from repeated amnesty programs. Journal of Economic Geography, 18(4), 887-914.

Light, M.T., & Miller, T. (2018) Does undocumented immigration increase violent crime?. Criminology, 55(2), 370-401.

Martinez Jr, R., & Valenzuela Jr, A. (Eds.). (2006). Immigration and crime: Ethnicity, race, and violence. NYU Press.

U.S. Department of State. (2017). U.S. Refugee Program. Available at https://www.state.gov/j/prm/ra/admissions/index.htm


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