Watch video and summarize the point

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Background Information:

There is a line of communication in content and style throughout America’s history. There are certain things that are specifically American. It started with the Puritanical preaching that we explored in Section I. The influence of these preachers cannot be understated in American rhetoric. As the formation of America as an independent country took place, we shifted from religious communication to political communication. We see this in the speeches that our founding fathers gave. So many of them, though they are political in nature, use so many religious phrases that it can be hard to differentiate them from the speeches you read in Section I.

For this module, it will be important to focus on the historical situation that is leading to these speeches being given. If you combine that with the research that you conducted for module 1, you can see how religious values and beliefs were some of the main influences for the American Revolution.

Watch the video to gain some more insight as to the contribution of religion to the American Revolution. This will help you understand some of the communication the various speakers used.

You will be looking at Sections II and III to learn more about the formation of America and the style of rhetoric used.…

click the link and watch the video. Summarize the important information and main points that the video tell you.

Then imagine you are the teacher, use your own words to write lecture notes for the class.

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