watch the videos and answer the following questions

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1. Watch the 26 minutes video on “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

answer the following questions

1. What are the 3 steps economic hit-men take to make a third world leader submit to the will of corporations? (The section on Iraq clearly indicates the three steps.)

2. What resources must a third world country forego if it cannot pay its debts to the IMF or the World Bank? (4 of these are mentioned in the videos).

3. What is the significance of such resources?

The grade for this assignment is 7 points. You can submit this assignment anytime after the first test, but no later than the deadline for the second test.

2.Watch the following YouTube videos:

“The World Trade Organization and the Global Resistance”

“The World trade Organization by War on Want”

Answer the following questions:

Provide three reasons why there is resistance to WTO.

Are there sweatshops in the USA? (Google it) Where? Explain how globalization has made the rise of sweatshops in the USA possible.

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