Watch the film , Bridge of Spies , 2015, directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Answers these questions in the order they are listed.

Make sure you give enough detail to show you watched the entire film (and did not copy from a film review or film summary.
Display that you understand the historic context and historic setting of the film..

  • What period of history is portrayed in the film? Be specific. (Give years, the decade or the name of the historic period)
  • Describe the historic events and cultural issues that are portrayed or mentioned in the film. Be thorough.
  • What is the interpretation or point of view on the events as portrayed in the film. Is there a point of view or perspective omitted in the film? Be sure to give specific examples from the film to back your generalizations.
  • What do you think is gained by watching a film to learn more of history? How did the film enhance your understanding of the Cold War past? In what way (ways). Give examples
  • What was new to you? Be thorough
  • Use different examples from the entire film to illustrate and explain your answers to each of the questions
  • Double space
  • No direct quotes longer than one sentence
  • Place all material in your own words. Copying any words from a source without citation and placing quotation marks around the words copied is plagiarism.
  • Do not place extra spaces between responses
  • Number the questions and answer them in the order they are listed.
    Do not repeat the question.
  • Place only your name on the paper
  • Post word length
    Minimum 700 words, maximum 1000

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