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Here are some websites where you can gather more information for your post on the discussion board:…

Sexulality – The Hook-Up Culture

Your job for this week is to do some on line research to answer the question: Is the hook-up culture hurting women? Is it hurting men?

You need to leave religion out of it. I’m not interested in opinions about morality. I want to know what research says about this topic. Write a paragraph in which you summarize the research and form an opinion based on facts not morality. Cite your sources and be sure they are reputable, academic sources. You need at least three sources.

A good place to start is (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Or do a Google search for “sociology hook up culture” Papers written by professors are credible (usually) university sites. Please leave religious organizations out of the search


if you have any question let me know please,You will be required to read the question and response to that question. You need at least

you need at least 8 – 12 sentencesSPELLING and GRAMMAR count

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