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Need to respond to this discussion post using 200 or more words with in text citations APA format.

The problem in my dissertation study is it is not known how teachers perceive virtuous leadership practices prudence, self-control, courage, and justice-influence in the learning environment.

The key elements that will provide the historical context to my study is: the historical research on virtuous leadership, the originator (s) of the concept of virtuous leadership, how challenges in the learning environment has changed over time, the identification of the gap in the problem statement (Cipra, 2016) and the use of the Havard (2007) Virtuous Leadership Pyramid as the theoretical foundation for my study.

Eastern and western cultures have historically equated leadership with virtues and character; yet, has kept the ethical perception of leadership boxed in ethical literature. In the sixth century BCE, Confucius, suggested all leader should be virtuous and knowledgeable to be effective leaders (Wang & Hackett, 2016). The research literature given the required elements, will create and support a need to examine if prudence, self-control, courage, and justice influence the learning environment.


Cipra, D. (2016). GCU Doctoral Research: Analyzing Research. Grand Canyon University.

Wang, G., & Hackett, R. (2016). Conceptualization and measurement of virtuous leadership: doing well by doing good. Journal of Business Ethics, 137(2), 321-345.

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