Violence in the workplace

Select one of the following topics from Chapter 3:

1.      Violence in the workplace

2.      Security for the workplace

3.      Occupational Health and Safety Law

4.      Younger Workers’ and Health & Safety

5.      Workplace Toxins

6.      Job-related stress

7.      Promoting Workplace Health and Safety-this includes employee wellness programs, health services for employees, disability management, employee assistance programs


Then find 2 articles on one of these topics.  Summarize both articles(separately), in your own words, and then answer the following question.

1*   How would the article’s information help a manager when he/she is trying to manage his/her employees?

I want the reference or link to the article (you don’t have to print the article out) and then each article’s summary and answer to the question, above 1* .  Each article’s discussion will be at least one half page (double spaced), 10 font or larger.

Therefore you will hand me in a 1-2 page report (minimum) and a title page with student name(s) on it, the course code which is HRM 1008.

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