Victimization of Special Populations – 100 words

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Victimization of Special Populations

What are some current trends in prison and jail victimization?Identify and review the various methods by which prison victimization is reported and measured within confinement and issues with these estimates. Include in your discussion a review of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

Why are individuals with disabilities at risk for victimization? Why they less likely to report their victimization? What protections are available for victims with disabilities? School violence is an emotional and controversial topic in our society. Identify and discuss the various theories that have been proposed to explain school violence. Which of the theories do you find to be the most persuasive? Why?

What is workplace victimization? Identify and discuss common typologies of workplace violence and risk factors for victimization at work. What recourse do individuals have after being victimized at work? Discuss the various legal arguments that a victim can use if claiming employer negligence in a third-party law suit.

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