Vertical and Horizontal Analysis, Ratio Analysis and Conclusion, accounting homework help

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In this module, you will complete and submit your final project. You
will perform a vertical and horizontal analysis and a ratio analysis.
Then you will interpret these analyses for your audience, as well as
researching competitor information. Lastly, you will use the information
from your analysis and research this week as well as the information
you gathered during the weekly Financial Accounting Projects to come to
a decision about whether you would recommend investment in the company
or not.

This week’s submission will include the following:

1. Workbook Spreadsheet from Module 02:

Page 1 – Complete the vertical and horizontal analysis
calculations for the figures you collected in the Module 02 Financial
Accounting Project.

Page 2 – Complete the financial ratios on the second page of the workbook you started in Module 02.

2. Research Paper:

Introduce your company to your audience. Share company history,
values, goals, product lines, industry challenges, and any other
interesting facts you find. Share what industry or industries your
company operates in. Who are their major competitors?

Analyze the horizontal and vertical analysis you completed in the
workbook. Choose three items from each analysis that you feel are
important to highlight, positive or negative. Share what these items
mean in terms of the company’s performance and your recommendation to
invest or not to invest based on these figures.

Analyze the ratio analysis you completed in the workbook. Address
each area of ratio analysis: liquidity, solvency, profitability, and
market analysis. Interpret these ratios, and explain what they mean for
your company, supporting your explanation with your calculations.

Locate or calculate at least 5 key ratios from your company’s main
competitors. Compare your company to the competition and explain which
company is performing better. Support your explanation with your
calculations or research of the competition.

Advise your audience as to whether to invest in Tootsie Roll
Industries Inc. Remember to support your recommendation with the
figures calculated in your analysis. Your work should support your
recommendation. Prepare a clear and concise professional business
report. Use proper APA formatting, including a cover page, in-text
citations, and a reference page. Your finished research paper should be
4-6 pages long.

Submit two files to the drop box:

    1. Research paper in Word.
    2. Company analysis in your Excel Workbook.

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