Vendor can supply feature with extra cost

I have this assignment but I need assistance with it I don’t really understand it fully.  See instruction below. Also the excel sheet is attached.

Assignment Details

Prepare a report identifying the top-ranked ERP system where you work or for another organization with which you are familiar. Using this template, conduct research for these major ERP suppliers: Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, and SAP.

Based on your selected organization, assign a company priority level in the blue cells and a vendor capability level in the light gray cells and then the company’s capabilities in the indicated cells.

The company priority level is an indication as to whether or not the company needs the feature:

  • 1: Feature not needed
  • 2: Feature nice to have
  • 3: Feature required

The vendor capability level is an indication as to whether or not the vendor can supply the feature:

  • 1: Vendor cannot supply feature
  • 2: Vendor can supply feature with extra cost
  • 3: Vendor meets requirement

After completing the worksheet, prepare a 2-slide PowerPoint summary. On one slide, you will recommend the best ERP for your selected organization and base the recommendation on the best ERP system according to the priorities you assigned for each element, in addition to the research you conducted for each ERP provider. The second slide will include your references used for research

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