Values Reflection

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Part 1

Using the journal entry assignment for Week 3, describe your core values (instrumental, terminal or some combination)? Discuss how these values were formed, describing key people, experiences and materials that impacted you. Have your values changed over time? Are these values a source of pride, embarrassment, conflict, or something else?

Part 2

Once you have described your core values, discuss what values you think social work should embody and why. Which of the ethical codes reviewed this week do your values align with most closely? Which do they conflict with? What will guide you in working through the values conflicts you identified. Please be specific in your references to the different ethical codes and their values.

Part 3

Briefly summarize a social justice issue that you care passionately about. Discuss what social work values apply to this issue. Answer at least two of the questions posed by Morgaine and Capous-Desyllas on page 57 under the heading “Questions about the way I understand “my world” and “the world.” Given this, what are the implications of pursuing or addressing this issue.

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