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User Interface Design and Usability Books

Designing user interfaces (thick-client graphical user interfaces or GUIs, web browser interfaces, and mobile device interfaces) is an important topic that is not covered in this course. In this exercise, you are asked to identify books about user interface design and usability that appear to be suitable for users/ project-sponsors, software/system designers and others.

The technology-news site Slashdot [] featured a post asking for suggestions about books on usability [].

Read the comments in this Slashdot post, and using the commenters’ suggestions, the links below, and other resources you may find, list three to five books on interface design and usability in order of apparent usefulness. Also include in your answer a paragraph of no more than ten sentences explaining how you arrived at your recommended list of books and/or with comments about specific books on your list.

NOTE: You do not have to obtain, buy, look at, or read the books you recommend, but rather you should make your recommendations from the available reviews and other materials. You may, of course, recommend a book or books with which you are familiar. Also, there is no “right answer” to this question: You will be graded largely on your comments about the titles you suggest. Alan Cooper Alan Cooper Jakob Nielsen’s site

P.S. Note that the name of the “slashdot” web site is an example of geek humor, and is a “… parody of the slashdot site’s URL”, which was chosen to confuse those who tried to pronounce the URL of the site (“h-t-t-p-colon-slash-slash-slashdot-dot-org”)” — Wikipedia.

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