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Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Benet is the character I chose for the final paper. I have also attached my final paper to reference from.


Part I: Post your thesis for the final project. Be sure that it takes a position and specifically addresses the literature you are discussing.

Part II: Post a rough draft of your final project (at least 300 words).

This week your replies should be very specific. Please include the following in each reply:

If you read the same book, please note one point you agree with and one that you did not (or you think it wasn’t fully proven in the essay). Support your dissent with evidence from the text. If you read a different book, focus on your classmates definition of American.

Please offer one possible change that might help your classmate build a stronger essay.

Submission Instructions: Please post no fewer than 300 words, making sure to balance your answers to the separate parts. You should use quotations from the text to support your points, but make sure they don’t dominate your posts. Make your initial post no later than Thursday, and strive to post over at least two separate days. Finally, please engage two of your classmates in their posts to help further their thoughts. Please be sure to check back to read and respond to anyone who responded to your post(s) as a common courtesy. Respond to classmates’ posts in approximately 100-150 words each.

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