internal analysis contains business level strategy

Chapter 4 – Internal Analysis Contains

Change is difficult and, often, inevitable. It is during change when managers need effective forecasting skills, both nationally and globally. Forecasting requires leaders and managers to best understand the internal environment and develop strategies to ensure effective processes and long-term sustainability. Describe forecasting and managing future trends, development, and change with a focus on emerging markets throughout the United States or globally. Explain why monitoring change in this specific emerging market is important to managers.

Describe the largest organizational change you have experienced. What was the impetus for that change? Did change management do a good job of removing or alleviating those obstacles? What impacts did the change have at the organizational level, team level, and individual level?

Chapter 5 – Business Level Strategy

What are competitive dynamics? Why has competition become more dynamic in the past few decades? Support your comments by discussing one more examples from the contemporary environment. Using APA standards, cite at least one story/example from popular media (newspaper, radio, television, internet, podcast, etc.).

Length 500 words (250 words/question)
Respond to the question prompt in a well written, concise manner. Critically analyze by providing outside professional and scholarly references (at least 2). Always, cite and reference accordingly in APA format. The CSULB Style Manual and Citation Methods or Purdue Owl Writing Lab are great online resources for APA assistance.

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