comparative analysis and reflection

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For this week, you should have read Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard found in the CFT.

In 400 words please write a comparative analysis of the two stories. Your analysis should focus on the key ideas that are different between the two stories. You can center your analysis on character, plot, theme, moral, or how the overall story is told. Your analysis should include a brief summary of the two stories (50-100 words) and use direct quotes from the stories- at least one each.…

Above is a link that may better explain comparative analysis. Don’t stress too much. This is simply an exercise for you to start looking at how two stories may be similar or different.

Reflection 6

Please read: Beasts, found in A Wild Swan before completing this discussion board.

Please write a 200 word freewrite on Beasts, focusing on the following questions:

What makes this story different than the two stories we read this week? Do we read retellings of fairy tales differently? What do you think makes a good retelling?

What was significant to you? What did you find interesting about the characters, the plot, or the moral (if there was one)?

Please write 100 words giving a short final analysis about what you thought the story was about.

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