creating a scrapbooking app application 1

I am providing the Welcome source code needed and we use the Android Studio for the coding!

For this second Critical Thinking assignment, you will use the Welcome application in the textbook source code as a starting point.

  1. Find three open source images of famous landmarks using websites such as Flickr or Pixabay.
  2. Create an app in which you arrange the images in a collage.
  3. Add text that identifies each landmark.
  4. Recall that image file names must use all lowercase letters.

Assignment deliverables (all in a ZIP file):

  1. A screenshot showing the execution of your application.
  2. A detailed overview of the steps taken to complete your application.
  3. The project folder containing all the source code for your application.

Ensure that all of your assignment deliverables are attached before submitting your assignment.

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