simple answers 2

View a video spot either on television, or on the world wide web and discuss the following:

and answer the questions on the following and answer it the same way, 1-2-3-4.. etc

1.) Describe the commercial.

2.) Was the product or service clearly identified.

3.) What format was used? (Drama, Comedy, Music, Announcer with Music, Mixed Format).

4.) What was the dominant appeal (ethos, logos, pathos)?

5.) How do the visuals tell the story?

6.) Was there a ‘hero’ shot?

7.) Was there ‘runner’ footage?

8.) How does the commercial relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

(Graphic here:

9.) What demographic does this commercial aim at: (A/S/L)

10.) Overall, was it a successful commercial? (Be honest, here. If you think it was successful, tell me why. If not, tell me why not).

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