review two professional journals that address mass casualty response to explosive incidents 4 to 5 pages

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You are responsible for creating a profile of a fictionalized terrorist group and an attack plan involving a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). PART I: The terrorist group profile must include: 1) a manifesto outlining the group’s motivations and goals 2) a brief description of the group’s origins and structure 3) a financial plan that identifies the organization’s needs and plausible sources of funding. PART II: The attack plan must identify target(s), weapon(s) and a specific date and time. 1. Choose a specific WMD (e.g., sarin gas, dirty bomb, anthrax, etc.), and describe its properties, how it works, the effects it produces, expected impact when used in an attack, and so forth. 2. Describe how you will acquire or develop this weapon 3. Describe why you would want to use this weapon, as opposed to other weapons (like high grade explosives) that may be more easily available 4. Describe the most preferred type of target that this weapon will be used to attack, and why. 5. Finally, describe how a person will successfully deploy this weapon – that is, how you can will ensure the weapon reaches its target and produces the expected effects and impact described in Part 1 of the paper. The attack plan must also provide a solid strategic rationale for this attack, addressing such questions as: Why is the group choosing WMD over other non-WMD kinds of attacks? What do you hope to achieve by using a WMD? Why this target (or set of targets?) What do you think will be the overall response of your target(s)? How will you succeed in carrying out this kind of attack? What is most critical to your group’s success? The overall goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate a comprehensive appreciation for terrorists as strategic actors, particularly when it comes to decision making about weapons of mass destruction and the strategic, operational and tactical challenges faced by all terrorist groups.

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