supervisor characteristics discussion 1

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Supervisor Characteristics Discussion # 1

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All organizations, regardless of their size or focus, share three common characteristics. First, every organization has a purpose. The distinct purpose of an organization is typically expressed in terms of a goal or set of goals that the organization hopes to accomplish. Second, each organization is composed of people. It takes people to establish the purpose and to perform a variety of activities to make the goal a reality. Third, all organizations develop a systematic structure that defines the various roles of members, and that often sets limits on members’ work behaviors.

Initial Post

Answer the following questions:

  • What differentiates supervisors from all other levels of management? Provide examples from your work or education.
  • Explain the differences among supervisors, middle managers, and top management. Which level of management do you feel requires the most addition of new skills and why?
  • Identify the elements necessary to be a supervisor and the four essential competencies of a supervisor. Provide examples of the four essential competencies in your current line of work or the career you are preparing for. Which competency do you feel is most important and why?

This is a graded discussion. Please make your posts by the due date assigned. Refer to the discussion rubric for grading details.

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