can someone help me with this assignment z 2

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I have Summary & Reflection Assignment, I must submit it today before 11:59 PM


What should it be over? The assigned readings and any in-class activities.

Summary & Reflection Paper 4. It is now due BEFORE your class on Tuesday, 10/2. It should cover CAW 6, CAW 11, HBR 11, HBR 16 and HBR 17 plus Team 3’s presentations and the feedback process . Also, include any video that we watched in class.

and feedback about this video

also this


I did Summary & Reflection Assignment before and this what professor wants from me next time !!!!

For full points, make sure you are thinking deeply about the topics and that you are relating them back to your future career plans. See the REFLECTION PAPER OVERVIEW and rubric for more information. To reiterate, I need you to connect what you have learned to your future career plans and take the information reflection DEEPER by explaining how the information has changed, or enhanced, your perspective on the subject you are discussing. Look at indents. Look at references…no hanging indent on CAW…look at APA.



This is the pages in the two books that I most write about it in the essay .…… , <<< 2 to 3 pages and 500 words to 750…

Ch 6 & Ch 11 in COMMUNICATING AT WORK by Ronald B. Adler

Ch 11 & Ch 16 & Ch 17 in HBR Guide to Better Business Writing by Bryan A. Garner

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