violent crimes and political crime and terrorism

Use the book, Criminology:The Core, Author Larry J. Siegel 6th Edition chapter 10 & 11

Choose one question

reference the book in your answer, not just at the end as a reference

Incorporate and refer to concepts/ideas found in your unit readings as well as personal examples and illustrations.

Chapter 10

  1. What type of evidence would be sufficient in a sexual assault trial to convict the defendant. How realistic are these expectations? Further, what type of evidence would be sufficient in a sexual assault trial to convict the defendant. How realistic are these expectations?
  2. Read the box regarding the allegations of assault against Bill Cosby. How should the rights of the defendant and the rights of the victims be prioritized in court? Cosby’s first trial ended in a hung jury. What impact might Cosby’s celebrity have had on the case? What effects might this first case and its results have on the accusers? What effects might this case and its publicity have on Cosby’s life now?
  3. If you saw a neighbor’s eight-year-old child torturing or killing a cat? Would you be concerned that the child could harm other children or adults now or in the future? Explain why or why not.
  4. Discuss the “Mass Shooters” on your text pages 319 – 322. How do their motivations affect whether they live or die? How are they different from other murderers (including terrorists)? What might be done to prevent mass murders?

Chapter 11

  1. Elaborate and list the motivations behind election fraud and examples they have heard about. Discuss the consequences of election fraud. What can be done to prevent election fraud?
  2. Read Article 3 Section 3 (which defines treason) and the additional information on pages 347 to 349 in the textbook. Discuss whether Edward Snowden has committed treason and whether the death penalty would be an appropriate punishment.
  3. Discuss the differences between treason and espionage. What are consequences of giving information to the enemy? What punishment should a double agent or another person who reveals military secrets to the enemy receive?
  4. Read “Policies and Issues in Criminology: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)” in the text. What if you are a government agent holding an IS prisoner suspected of terrorism. You get a call stating that there is a credible threat that a bomb will go off in two hours, which will kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans. You suspect that the prisoner has knowledge of the bomb’s location. How would you get him to reveal the location? Would you consider using torture? Is there a better method?

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