answer the 4 questions within 4 hours from now 1

Below are 2 reports about 2 events attended by tow of our classmates. Your task her to read what they wrote carefully; then answer the 4 questions – you must answer 2 questions from each students’ report which can be found by the end of each report.

1) First Student Report

Event name: The State of the Nanosatellite Industry

location: Chicago, MHUB Chicago event space

Date: September 6, 2018 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The speaker name: David Hurst

people whom I met: one of the directors at MHUB called “David” , may find Haonan, some students from IIT

Event details:

in the beginning, the introducer gave an information about the “David Hurst” who talked about the Nanosatellite. David is a software engineer, he has 30 years experience in this field. He had a passion for space exploration.

David mentioned that the last week on August 4-9, 2018 there was “Small satellite conference “. he said at this conference there were 3050 participants, 206 commercial exhibits, 105 oral, 72 posters, and this gives us an Idea about how does the world get interested to space. Then, he gave a definition about the Nanosatellite and showed pictures. Also, he compared between the big satellite and the Nanosatellite. The size of the Nanosatellite is about 10 CM and its weight between 10 – 100 Kg.

There are 6 Nanosatellites launched: nanosatellite HEAD-1 (Chinese), nanosatellite Diamonds (launched last years), DIDO-2(Swiss company, pharmaceutical, Microbiology), nanosatellite D-SAT, nanosatellite Mayank, and nanosatellite Maytag.

I learned that the Nanosatellite can use in Earth observation/ remote sensing, Communications, Technology, Science, and Novel Applications. All companies that created Nanosatellite focus on the communications. The Nanosatellites are costly, the minimum cost about 250K. Nanosatellite subject to international regulations.

Please answer the below 2 questions:

Q1: The Nanosatellite uses to Communications. Do you think the social made like Facebook, Google will invest in it? Why?

Q2: Where do you see the Nanosatellite after 10 years?

Second Student Report:

Event: Launching a Diversity & Inclusion Initiative at your Organization
Location: Shiftgig (1 N State)
Date: 8/28/2018
Met with: Gloria (Finance); Brittany Canty – Director of Product and User Experience at WeSolv (you should all check WeSolv btw)

This event aimed to create Diversity & Inclusion awareness specially in tech companies / startups because the industry is dominated by a specific profile (white male, sorry!). The speakers talked about unconscious and systemic biases when recruiting people, for example, if the name sounds too foreign or assumptions that the person won’t fit in the work culture. These are the points that surprised me the most:

– One of the main problems right now is middle management, because top and bottom are generally on board but middle management fails to execute.

– Companies that tout their diversity are sometimes the ones that have the biggest issues with diversity.

– D&I is not only about having diverse people, but also about equity. For example, are these people being promoted, do they have coaching to bring their career up to speed, etc.

– Current referral programs represent a problem for diversification because people most likely bring friends or acquaintances from their same circle or circumstances.

– LinkedIn is creating a lot of problems. It’s very easy for a recruiter check the profile and judge how the person looks, how the name sounds, who is in his/her circle.

– Job descriptions in the tech industry use buzz words that deter many applicants from applying. For example “support ninja”, “rockstar developer”.

Please answer the below 2 questions:

Q1: How would you bring diversity to your company without failing in the attempt?

Q2: What are your views on the fact that LinkedIn may exacerbate the diversity problem?

Due 4 hours from now

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