asking the right questions pp 23 32

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Chapter 3

Read pages 23-32 of the textbook, Asking the Right Questions (EMCC edition).

1. What are the three main parts of a good argument?

2. Strong reasoning utilizes strong reasons to back up a claim. Why do you think many people fail to provide reasons for the things they assert? How does that make you, the reader/listener feel?

3. What are three characteristics of a good argument?

4. Identify and describe a time in your life when someone has presented an issue and a conclusion but not the reasons to back up their ideas.

5. What is the first word you should think (or say) when someone presents their conclusion on a topic? What are two words within a paragraph that can signal the conclusion of a person’s argument?

6. What do the authors mean by using the “principle of charity” when listening to an argument?

7. List six words that signal for you, the reader, the reasons of an individual’s argument.

8. List three types of evidence that a writer uses to prove his/her point.

9. Explain how the topic of reasoning is related to strong and weak reasoning.

10. Suppose you are talking to a friend. You state that going to college is expensive. Provide three reasons to support this claim.

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