assignment 04 1

Assignment 04

K02 MS Office Applications I

  • Start Word and display a blank document. Display formatting marks and the ruler. Save the document as Lastname_Firstname_Websites using your first and last name.
  • Type Education Oriented Websites and press Enter. Type Huron Productions is offering website access with each educational video program that we have available, at no additional cost. Press spacebar and insert the text from the student data file w01G_Education.
  • Change the line spacing for the document to 1.5 and the spacing after to 6 pt.
  • For each of the four paragraphs that begin with, Huron Productions, Our Company, When you are submitting, and The Video, apply a first line indent of 0.5.
  • Change the font size of the title to 36 and the line spacing to one. Center the title. With the title selected, display the Text Effects and Typography gallery. Apply the Fill-White, Outline – Accent 1, Shadow.
  • Click at the beginning of the paragraph below the title. Insert the picture w01_ Media. Change the picture Height to 2 and the layout options to square. Format the picture with soft edge rectangle. Change the picture position so that the Horizontal alignment is right relative to the margin and the vertical alignment is top relative to the line.
  • Select the five paragraphs beginning with Historic Interactive Timelines and ending with Quizzes and Exams. Apply Checkmark Bullets.
  • In the paragraph after the bulleted list, click after the colon. Press Enter to remove the first line indent. Type a numbered list with the following three items:
  • Insert a SmartArt graphic at the end of the numbered list. Select the Circle Process. In the first shape, type Observe In the second, type Network and in the third, type Evaluate Change the SmartArt color to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 2 to 3. Apply the 3D Metallic Scene. Change the height of the SmartArt to 1.5 and the width to 6.
  • Change the layout options to square, the horizontal alignment to centered relative to the page, and the vertical alignment to bottom relative to the margin.
  • Select the days and times at the end of the document and set a right tab with dot leaders at 6”.
  • Click in the blank line below the tabbed list and center the line. Insert an online video. In the Bing Video Search Box, type Pearson Higher Education Learning and insert any of the videos. Change the video height to 1.68 and the width to 3.
  • Below the video, insert a Donut Shape. Change the shape height to 1.25 and the width to 2.5. In the Shape Styles Gallery, apply Subtle Affect – Gray 50%, Accent 3. Change the position so that both the Horizontal and Vertical alignment are centered relative to the margin. In the Donut, type Huron Productions and press Enter. Type Partnering with Teachers Change the font size to 12.
  • At the top of the document, insert a text box over the title. Change the height of the text box to 0.5 and the width to 3.5. Type Huron Productions and change the font size to 26. Center the text. Position the text box so that the Horizontal Alignment is centered relative to the page and the vertical absolute position is 0.5 below the page. With the text box still selected, display the Shape Fill Gallery. Select Orange, Accent 2. Change the Shape Outline to Blue Accent 5.
  • Apply a Page Border to the document. Use the Shadow Setting and apply the color Orange, Accent 2.
  • Change the Top Margin to 1.25 and insert the file name in the footer.
  • Add the tag, website and for the subject type your course and section number.
  • Save the document and close Word.

The title of the video

The subject and name of the course

Online tools you are interested in

Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric on the next page for the grading criteria for this assignment.

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