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Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management

Sports/Entertainment/Event Management Seminar – SEE 4060

Midterm Essays

Provide a written response to each of the strategic management topics using the concepts from the Strategic Management: Concepts textbook and those presented in class in this course.

Answers must be in 12-point type and double spaced and your sources must be listed and/or attached as Works Cited. Answers will be graded on your ability to thoroughly answer each question concisely and precisely. Grading will be based on 50 points per essay.

1. Select a mission statement for a company or organization in the sports, entertainment and event management industry. Choose one company and research their mission statement.

As a consultant, create an instrument to critique the mission statement using the criteria presented in class. Use the instrument to evaluate the appropriateness of the mission statement for that organization. Determine which of the nine components are present and which have been omitted. Rewrite the company’s mission statement to include those components omitted from the original mission statement which you believe need to be included. Write a critique of the existing mission statement and write a report you will present to the organization’s management team suggesting the changes you would make to improve the company’s mission statement.

(Note: This can be found in Chapter 1 of your textbook. I have also included Mission Statement Component Guide via a link of the Mid-Term section)

2. What are the six major types of external forces (PESTEL) that should be examined as part of an external audit? Give an example from the sports, entertainment and event management industry of how each type of force is affecting an organization in the sports, entertainment and event management industry.

List six opportunities and six threats (one from each type of external force) that represent key factors facing the sports/entertainment/event management industry as a whole in today’s business environment.

(Note: This question is a longer version of a WSJ Trend article that you have been doing for several weeks. The information for PESTEL can also be found in Chapter 3 of your textbook. In addition, you will be conducting a SWOT analysis on PESTEL framework; chart form is fine!)

write both questions separately, i also attached the PowerPoint could help for the essay. NEED AROUND 10 pages.

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