ecology lab assignment

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This is an assignment in my Intro To Environmental Science class.

To do that you need to go to the following website: (Ecology Lab). Then open the Simulator and the Word Document on that website. The word document includes some tables and a place to answer the questions that you can find on that website.

For Questions: go to the first challenge in the list on the Ecology Lab and open Step 1 & 2. You also need to follow the Food Web Challenge Step 1 & 2 as well. All together you need to answer 12 questions. Use the simulator to formulate your response. There is no need to include any graph. Please just post your Word document, which should include both the 12 questions and your responses

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM, this should be your own analysis put on your own words

Infos about the textbook we use:

Textbook: Andrew Friedland, Rick Relyea, David Couarard-Hauri, (2012) Environmental Science: foundations and applications. ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-4029-1.

Lab Manual : Lab Manual for Environmental Science, ISBN-10: 0495560243.

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