Ethical Considerations in Managing Information Technology

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You have just been hired as the head IT manager for a company. Your boss, the CIO, wants your first task to be a newly drafted Internet use policy. The current policy is vague and no one adheres to it. The company’s employees frequently use Internet material for presentations.

Include the following elements in your recommended Internet Use Policy:

  • Define the employee’s responsibility on the Internet
  • Define non-business use of IT resources
  • Discuss copyrights and intellectual property
  • Discuss the employee training for the new policy.

Your well-written paper should be 4-5 pages in length and formatted according to APA Requirements. You should reference 2-3 scholarly references (your textbook can count as one of these).

Additional inline citations to your reference is must, which means if the paper has statements then referencing and citation to the statement is must. Plagiarism is strict, so please cite and if required quote the direct sentence and cite them.

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