Narrated Powerpoint

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The head of your company has asked you to do some research into THREE noteworthy trends in your profession. The goal of this assignment is to present a narrative powerpoint that will be used as background material for an upcoming discussion of the company’s strategic priorities. Unfortunately, you’re going to be across the country at a conference for that meeting, so you won’t be able to give this presentation live. But no one can deliver this message as well as you, so you’ll need to create a narrated PowerPoint to convey your message in your absence.

  • Create a 5-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation on THREE trends in your profession. You are to find at least SIX RESOURCES to support your ideas. The source material will be cited in APA format, with both in-text citations and a Reference List at the end.

Steps to completion:

1. Learn about designing an effective presentation from the material below.

2. Organize your thoughts and create the outline you’ll follow as you present. Your presentation should NOT consist of you simply reading your paper out loud – that is a sure way to death by PowerPoint.

3. Create your slides, using the design tips below.

4. Practice your narration. Make your speech as natural as you can, changing your vocal inflections to convey as much meaning as possible.

5. If you haven’t created a narrated PowerPoint before, you will want to check the directions:

You have been subjected to your share of stultifying presentations, and you want to make sure your presentation keeps your audience’s attention and conveys your message in a way that people will remember. Perhaps you’ve heard of “death by PowerPoint” – that’s a term coined in 2001 to describe what happens when presenters don’t use the PowerPoint program effectively. David JP Phillips, author of How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (2011), has written and presented about many different techniques to improve presentations. Some of his tips include the following:

  • Stick to one idea per slide. People can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.
  • Use key words instead of whole sentences. When people are given sentences to read while someone is talking, they choose to read instead of listen.
  • Each slide needs fewer than six objects. Putting too many objects on the screen simultaneous slows down the viewer’s comprehension.
  • Use images, preferably with color and emotion. Colorful, emotional images increase retention.
  • Use animation sparingly. Phillips suggests only using “appear” animation, to show what you’re saying as you say it. Making words swoosh across the screen is a waste of time.
  • Do not be afraid of using too many slides. They’re free! And using more slides with fewer ideas on each one will help your audience understand and retain the ideas you present.

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