Economic Scenario of Country Bhutan

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1. Why is it important to know the economic situation of a country?

2. What are some of the basic elements of a country’s economy? (Use a table stating the GDP/GDP growth rate; Unemployment; Inflation; Trade Deficit/Surplus; Debt etc and compare it to the US). What can you infer from these numbers? What is the significance of having high unemployment or high inflation?

3. What is the GDP of this country? Has the GDP of this country grown or declined over the past five years? What is the GDP/capita of this country? Has this grown or declined over the past five years (line graph)? Compare GDP/GDP growth rate/GDP per capita of this country with that of the US? What conclusions can you draw from this observation?

4. What is the trade situation of this country? How much does this country export/import (compare it to the US)? What products/services are exported/imported the most? Do they have a positive trade balance or a negative trade balance (line graph of the past 5 years)? Who are the most important trading partners (exports/imports) of this country (Pie-Chart)? Is the trade situation of this country improving or declining? What is the significance of having a positive trade balance?

5. How is the currency of the country faring in the international monetary markets? Has the value of the currency gone up or down in the past several years? Use a line graph. Where is the currency anticipated to be in the near future? What does the value of a currency indicate?

6. What is the level of FDI (both inward and outward) in this country? What does this indicate about the outlook for this country?

7. What is the overall economic outlook for this country?

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