final questions

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Instructions to students

Use of examples, flow charts, diagram provide better illustration of the answers (provided they are they are right ones) and helps in grading.

Please note:

  • Answers are based on you wrote and not what you “really meant” or “intended say.”
  • Quality and not quantity counts.
  • Use paragraphs and sub headings as required for better readability; it also helps in grading.

Chapter 12

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels

  • What are the channel member functions?Describe with examples
  • What types of conflicts arise in channels? What causes the conflict and how it can be managed?
  • What is a vertical a marketing system (VMS)?How is different from a conventional system? Describe the three vertical marketing systems.Provide examples (Use Graphs or charts).
  • Explain multichannel distribution systems with an example.

Chapter 14

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

  • What is integrated marketing communication (IMC)?Why integrate?
  • Name and describe briefly different elements of marketing communication mix.
  • Describe methods of setting communication budget.
  • Name and briefly describe the steps in developing effective communications ( use a flow chart)

Chapter 16

Managing digital communications

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing communications?
  • A Web site’s ease of use and physical attractiveness are important to marketers because consumers use them to judge a site’s performance. Please explain three things marketers should do to ensure high ratings on each.
  • What is paid search advertising, and how do marketers use it?
  • Identify the seven key design elements (7 Cs) for an effective Web site. Do you feel they are relevant in a mobile advertising context? Why or why not?

Chapter 17

Managing Personal Communications: Personal Selling

  • What is relationship selling? How is it different from transaction oriented selling?
  • Describe the six positions sales representative covers. Rank them in the order of effectiveness.
  • Name and describe the six major steps in effective selling process. What may be the most difficult step for most salespeople?
  • Describe workload approach to determine the size of sales force needed.
  • Name and briefly describe the steps in designing a sales force.

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